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Have questions on how to wear your diva styles wig? Watch this helpful video to get more information about our Diva Styles wig and even learn how to properly install it.  

Hey Diva


Want to learn how to cut the lace off your glues-less Diva Styles wig unit ? Here’s a helpful video to get you started.

Get Started 

  • How do I book a appointment?
    To book an appointment, go to our "Book Appointment” page . All appointment information will be located on that page. If there’s a date or a time you would like and don’t see , please contact us. If there’s a certain style you would like and don’t see , please contact us.
  • How can I cancel/reschedule appointment?
    To cancel or reschedule appointment please contact us within 48 hours.
  • How can I see what services you provide?
    Clients can view our services by navigating to our "Check Availability" page and scrolling down the page .
  • How can I get in contact with you?
    To get in contact with us, fill out our "Contact Us" form with any general questions. To book or confirm an appointment or for any other additional information please call us at 561-302-9316.
  • Does Southern Belle offer returns or exchanges?
    All sales are final.
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Order a specialty custom hand-made wig sewn by me just for you! Simply fill out the brief form below and we will contact you for further questions and to begin the process. 

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