Have questions on how to wear your diva styles wig? Watch this helpful video to get more information about our Diva Styles wig and even learn how to properly install it.  

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Want to learn how to cut the lace off your glues-less Diva Styles wig unit ? Here’s a helpful video to get you started.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to start the process for a custom unit ?

Wig form must be completed. I ask that you give us 24 or less hours to respond.

Are weave extensions provided for custom wig units?

Clients must provide their own hair at this moment.If additional services are needed there will be a non-refundable deposit fee that will need to be made in order to move further with that service. Deposit fee is deducted from overall total.

What is your payment method?

Cash or paypal invoices.

Are wig units glue-less?

Our wig units are glue-less and band-less.

What’s the longevity on custom wig units?

Our wig units last 2-5 years with proper care and quality hair. I highly recommend human hair.

How often wig unit maintenance is needed?

If the wig unit is worn often, maintenance is needed every 3 months. Occasionally, w maintenance is needed 2-3 times a year.

How are the wig units customized?

Our units are hand stitched throughout the unit with weaving thread.

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