B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bundles)

Local residents must contact the hairstylist for drop off time and date. Location is listed in the email. Clients that are not local can ship the hair at their own cost or ship the hair directly from the vendor at the location that is listed in the email.

What’s the turnaround time for a custom wig unit ?

Turn around time is at least one to two weeks once hair is received. Faster service is an additional fee. Additional fee determines how fast service is needed. Once the unit is started and completed , customers will be notified for pickup date and time. Standard Rush Fee (3-5 days) : + $60 Expedited Rush Fee ( 1-2 days) : + $80

What’s the policy for a custom wig unit ?

Units are non-refundable and non-transferable . Customers have 24-48 hours after pickup date and delivery date to report any damages or mishaps. NO USED CLOSURES, NO CUT WEFTS (TRACKS), NO GLUE WEFTS (TRACKS) . USED HAIR MUST BE IN GOOD CONDITION AND MUST HAVE A BRAND NEW CLOSURE . USED HAIR MUST BE FRESHLY WASHED AND DRIED BEFORE ARRIVAL. THERE IS AN ADDITIONAL FEE OF $60 TO WASH AND A $20 FEE TO DRY. We offer shipping. Shipping must be selected at checkout. We HIGHLY recommend NEW HAIR and CLOSURE for long lasting units . ONLY 100% HUMAN HAIR. NO T-PART CLOSURES.

What’s the longevity of a custom wig unit ?

Lasts 2-5 years with: Proper Care Quality Hair

What is wig maintenance?

Wig maintenance is required to upkeep the maintenance of the unit . Maintenance can be as easy as getting thread tightening , wash and press or wash and curl. This upkeep allows your unit to remain in a healthy state for a long period of time . Maintenance Time Frame: Everyday Unit - Every 2 Weeks 1-3 Times A Month - Every 2-3 months

How do I maintain my custom wig unit at home ?

Units must be brushed and combed everyday and night before wearing and after wearing it to prevent tangles, matting and shedding . Unit should remain on a styrofoam wig head or in a satin bag if it's not being worn, UNIT SHOULD NOT BE THROWN AROUND carelessly!!!

How do I measure my head for my custom wig unit ?

Non-Local Customers: Stylist will need # 1 in the picture. For assistance you can visit my measuring video below. Please take a picture of your measurement and email it to divastyleshair14@gmail.com, and also if you’re aware of your head size , please place the circumference number in the measurement section before checkout . Local Customers: Your measurement will be taken by the stylist on the day the hair is scheduled to be dropped off.

Wig Unit Benefits

All custom units are hand-stitched . All units are glue-less, band-less and comb-less for customer convenience.

What is your return policy ?

Units are non-refundable and non-transferable . Customers have 24-48 hours after pickup date and delivery date to report any damages or mishaps.






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