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Greetings My Fellow Divas!

As you all should know by now,  I’m the Diva behind Diva Styles Elegant Hair Care. My name is Rokeise, but you can call me Keisey. I’m a 29 year old fashionista; I must say. I really love fashion, but isn’t passionate enough to make it a career. Okaaaay! I’m a six year self-taught hair stylist, and I enjoy every moment of it. In my free time I like to spend time with my family and close friends. I enjoy planning girls days/nights out. I like to thrift , pamper myself,  lay in bed and shop online. One of my favorite online stores is Amazon, I think everyone is in love with AMAZON these days. I obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Business (Supervision and Management) from Palm Beach State College. I’ve had my Braiders License for quite some years now, and currently seeking to obtain my Cosmetology License this year (2020). I’m often misunderstood by the focused mug on my face, but I'm one of the coolest people you would love to be around. My energy and level of fun is like a breath of fresh air. Here’s six Diva facts about me! Enjoy !

Diva Facts:

1. I’m NOT a good driver !

2. I’m shy in large crowds 

3. I love to watch weird satisfying videos 

4. Wine makes me feel rich and bougie

5. I love adventurous activities 

6. I’m a big fan of Real Housewives of Atlanta and I deserve to be on the show with a peach!

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