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The best way to establish contact, reserve your date, and start your custom package pricing, is to fill out our Contact Form below. There are quite a few questions to help ensure we know exactly how to best serve your individual needs. However, if you prefer to speak over the phone, we can easily schedule a phone call.

When you submit your date, if it is available I will email you my contract for review and hold the date for one week. If you decide to move forward, return the signed contract with a non-refundable deposit, and I will reserve the date for you. The deposit will be applied to your final payment.  We can then start discussing hairstyles. 

Contacting Us


Each of our packages are custom and created individually for our brides, based on a number of important factors. 

Package Rates



If the bride's schedule permits, we will meet for a consultation and trial run a month in advance before the wedding. We will discuss possible styles that would work well with her hair and the dress. Even prior to our first meeting, most brides will send me descriptions of their hair and pictures of themselves, and maybe a few pictures of possible hairstyles. I then try to incorporate all their favorite aspects of those styles and create a unique one that fits the bride's dream. Having a consultation is very helpful, because it gives you a vision of what you will look like on your big day. It can also give you an idea of how long you will need to get ready so you can plan accordingly.

Wedding Day Logistics​

It is very important to maintain a tight schedule on the day of the wedding. You can count on me to be there on time with everything I need. It is critical for the bride to communicate to her party the importance of being on time and properly prepared.



  • A designated work space for the hairstylist in advance, to ensure we stay on schedule.

  • The getting ready location should be cool enough so the bride and bridal party is not sweating and ruining their hair before all the festivities begin.

  • An area without walk-through traffic.

  • A chair and table (flat surface for tools and products) for the stylist.

  • An electrical outlet near the table.

  • Good lighting.

  • A mirror.


  • Please have the first appointment(s) arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. No specific time frames are guaranteed other than the first appointment.

  • Be sure to wear a shirt, preferably one that buttons down the front, so it can be easily removed.

  • Refunds will not be issued for any cancellations, late arrivals, or no show. The hairstylist will not be held liable for any injuries that arise while on location.

  • Stylist will not have time to wash or dry your hair. If someone is not prepared, their service will be forfeited or extra fees will be charged to cover the additional service, if time permits.

  • For super thin, very fine, or very oily hair - Please wash and thoroughly dry before arriving.

  • Hair should be freshly washed a day or two before getting serviced and oil free.




Every person's hair is unique, and so every hairstyle is unique as well. We use the best hair products available, but should you decide to have an outdoor wedding, we cannot guarantee how well your hair will react to certain weather conditions. In addition, although we use the best products when styling hair, we are not responsible for the girls' level of perspiration should the getting ready location not be cool enough.

Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your special day. It’s such an honor to give you a touch of my Diva Style. I vow to give you and your bridesmaids professionalism and great quality service.

-Rokeise Lynch

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The following items will enable me to offer you the best service. If you anticipate any problems with my requests, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance

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