Asha Deep Conditioning Heating Cap

Asha Deep Conditioning Heating Cap

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Diva Styles Deep Conditioning Cordless Heating Cap is made uniquely for your convenience. This cap provides 20-30 minutes of gentle heat for deep conditioning treatments and hot oil treatments. Applying heat during these sessions allows your hair follicles to effectively retain moisture for hydration, which helps your hair to become healthier and stronger.


This heating cap is designed for purpose, convenience and comfortability.


  • Each cap contains a flaxseed inside, which is a flower seed or linseed that allows the cap to withstand heat effectively numerous times. 

  • Our cordless design heating cap allows you to perform daily duties around the house without being confined to a dryer. NO electricity is needed. 

  • Our cordless heating cap is comfortably made with microfiber cotton, soft and comfortable for wearability. 


Diva Styles Deep Conditioning Heating Cap works for :

  • All hair lengths

  • All hair textures

  • Any hair density

  • Split ends

  • Sparse edges 

  • Hair breakage 

  • Dry hair 


Heating Cap Benefits:


  • Comfortable fit for most head sizes and hair 

  • Cordless for convenience 

  • Retains heat 

  • High quality material

  • Easy clean material 

  • Reversible for versatility 


Why is deep conditioning important?

A: Deep conditioning your hair helps to replace moisture lost from everyday wear and tear.  If your hair doesn’t have any moisture, your hair becomes dry and brittle, which will cost you a lot of breakage. It doesn’t matter if you don’t color or iron your hair as often, it is still prone to hair damage.




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